About Luebbering Longhorns

Luebbering Longhorns was established in July of 2011. Lisa and her late husband, Glen, wanted something unique in the pasture and decided on Texas Longhorns. With guidance from Oren O'Dell and Bill Le'Ann they began their herd. Many of their first purchases were from Oren O'Dell, D/O Longhorns and Rebecca Rhodes.

Glen and Phillip, Lisa's son, developed a strong and irreplaceable bond over their herd of Texas Longhorns. They enjoyed their time together in the pastures studying and watching their growing herd. After Glen's passing in 2012, Lisa decided her love for the Texas Longhorn breed was too strong to let go. Today along with her children, family and friends they have continued on with what her and Glen first started.

In addition to raising Longhorns, Lisa also currently owns a successful basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in central Missouri. PEP Waterproofing, LLC currently employees 23 people and covers two thirds of the state of Missouri. Lisa began the business in 2003 and has taken the company from the infant stages and developed a thriving business today. Operating this business has given Lisa the knowledge to establish the farm and breeding program.

Lisa's goal is to continue to support and help grow the Longhorn industry for years to come. She enjoys helping new breeders establish their base and develop a good breeding program.